Tips For Creating Some Awesome Merch

With the development of the Internet the ability to come up with cool ideas and show them off to the world has never been easier.  One way that people are using their art and creativity skills is to create merch or merchandise for your business.  Using custom shirt embroidery denton tx services for tee shirts, hats, hoodies and whatever is a great way to really get your brand out onto the market.  Here are some tips and tricks to make the process go smoothly.

Have a clear vision

When coming up with an idea it is always good to play around and see what comes out of your mind.  However, when working on merch you don’t want to just throw out ideas and hope that they are popular.  You want to really sit down and come up with a good idea with a clear vision.  The clearer your vision the better your results.

Use simple colors

When designing merch you want to stay with simple colors.  Depending on how you are going to produce the final piece of work, the more colors you want to use will dictate the process in which you can create the final piece.  Keep your work to three primary colors if possible.

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Size of your work

The size of your work will determine where it will go on the merch.  Large print objects may go on the front or back of a shirt.  Smaller designs may go over the pocket or near the top of the shirt.  The size of your work and the placement on the object will also increase or decrease its popularity in production.

Spell check

There is nothing worse than starting a project and finding out that what you wrote is spelled wrong.  Take your time and make sure that the spelling is correct, the colors are good, everything lines up and that there are no errors.  Have others look as well.  That little extra care can ensure your work turns out great every time.