Every Good Reason To Send Someone Flowers

It may cost you nothing, but in any case, as well you should know, words are so hard to come by these days. It may only cost you a few extra bucks so it’ll cost you nothing to send someone, anyone, flowers for all occasions islip ny. Just nip in one lunchtime, have a look around, see anything you like, and just place your order already. And if it’s to be love at first sight and you’re still, oh, so shy, leave things be and the florist will send his delivery guy over to that charming lady you saw at the coffee shop the other day.

Or that handsome feller you saw at the gym the other night after work. Yes, that’s true folks. Girls can send guys flowers too. Why not? And guys are sending flowers to each other too. Who cares what other people may think? Anyway, you’ve still got a few minutes left of your lunchbreak. But you still haven’t got a clue. No matter. Just leave things with the flower guy. Tell him what the occasion is.

flowers for all occasions islip ny

Tell him what’s on your mind lately, what you have in mind to say to the other but haven’t got a clue where to begin. He’s good at this sort of thing, been doing it for a while now. Flowers are fit for all occasions, not just for Valentine’s days anytime of the year. Someone may be really sick in the hospital or just plain faraway and lonely. Someone may be due an anniversary gift. Funny thing this, though.

It’s been happening for so many years now, but why do a lot of men seem to forget this very important day? Maybe you need to ask your florist to send you a reminder.