Tips For Picking The Perfect Greeting Card

Greeting cards have been around ever since the development of the printing press.  When giving someone a greeting card or other type of card we are showing them that we care as well as giving them a unique message typically fits them and their personality.  There are many different types of cards, sad cards, cute cards and even whimsical greeting cards.  No matter what type of card you are looking for, there is surely a card for that occasion.


whimsical greeting cards

The first criteria in picking the perfect greeting card is the personality of the recipient as well as the giver.  Many people focus a lot on the person receiving the card as to what the message will say, the graphics and even the color and size of the card.  Even though this is a good place to start you shouldn’t rely on this.  Consider yourself as the personality of the card.  Since the card is designed to represent the emotions and feelings you want to convey use yourself as the template for the card.


Picking the right card for the occasion is also very important.  Purchasing a wedding card for a birthday or graduation is not a good idea.  Even if your humor behind the giving of the card is there you really want to stick to the card for the proper occasion.

Be Kind

Don’t be mean or spiteful when giving a card.  Many people will take offence of different sayings and meanings behind cards.  Even if this reflects your personality or even if it is an inside joke you really don’t want to present it to them in this manner.  Be kind with your cards and show people that you care for them. 

Post your cards

When you receive a card don’t just toss it away or take the money out and forget what you received.  When you receive a card keep it for a while.  Hang it on the fridge, put it on a shelf or display it in a manner fitting the occasion.  After a week or so take the card and file it away in a special place where you can refer to it when you need a pick me up or a remembrance of someone who is no longer with you.

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